What We Do

Lessonbee provides digital health and sex education curriculum, a reflective learning management system, and a content library for educators to find, share and adapt lessons and resources online. We publish student-facing lessons and resources as well as professional development resources for educators to build the knowledge and skills needed to provide medically accurate health and sex education in grades kindergarten through 12 and beyond.

Founding Team

A graduate of Teachers College Columbia University saw firsthand how schools were struggling to respond to the complex health concerns of today's students.

She decided to make comprehensive health education resources accessible for every teacher.

Reva McPollom

Masters in Instructional Technology & Media

Personal interest: culturally responsive health education

Ian Berger

Bachelors in Computer Art

Personal interest: mental health and physical activity

Alexandra Wagner

Bachelors in Animation & Visual Effects

Personal interest: safe sex practices and consent

Boney Maisuriya

Masters in Computer Science

Personal interest: growth, development and sexual health

Our Story

In 2016, Reva McPollom began a mission to use technology to provide health and sex education for high school students in Brooklyn, NY. Very quickly, she realized that few digital curriculum resources were available. She spoke with dozens of teachers and learned that many schools relied on grant-funding and community-based organizations to provide health and sex education. Because of that - and a mishmash a policies across the United States - she realized the quality of a student’s health and sex education depended on their zip code.

Through extensive research, Reva further saw that students were disengaged in health class. Research has shown that teachers avoided topics that they find uncomfortable, in particular sexuality. Discussion of LGBT identity is absent from most health classes or worse inaccurate, and most schools lack the resources to provide effective mental health education. Meanwhile 83% of teens have sex before they ever have sex education, over 50% of students identify as “other than straight”, and millions of students struggle with some sort of mental health issue.

In 2017, Reva assembled a team of learning designers, developers, software engineers and health education specialists to create a responsive education platform that would empower teachers to address the ever-evolving health challenges of today’s students. She envisioned a technology that would inspire connection, openness, diversity, metacognition, and a sense of community for teachers and students. In 2018, she launched Lessonbee, the first “healthy learning” management system. After successfully validating the solution through pilots with public schools in New York and Connecticut, Lessonbee is now in use by teachers and homeschoolers across the US.

Our goal is to democratize health and sex education. Today, Lessonbee makes comprehensive health and sex education possible for millions of students.

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