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Lessonbee powers comprehensive health education via a cloud-based reflective learning system, adaptive lessons, and a shared content library that enables teachers to access up to date content, track and manage student assignments, and engage students through regular reflection. Working in partnership with schools, nonprofits, and corporations, Lessonbee provides equitable access to culturally responsive and medically accurate health education for students in grades K-12.

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A graduate of Teachers College Columbia University saw firsthand how schools were struggling to respond to the complex health concerns of today's students.

She decided to make comprehensive health education resources accessible for every teacher.


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Our Story

In 2016, while working as an educational consultant in Brooklyn, NY, Reva McPollom learned that offering credible health and sexuality education is one of the greatest challenges faced by schools across the country. From limited resources to limited time in the curriculum, health teachers are often presented with an impossible imperative to provide students with a health class experience that is comprehensive, medically accurate, and engaging.

After researching available digital curriculum options, Reva realized that there was no single destination to access and deliver up-to-date health and sexuality education online. This meant that health teachers were wasting precious time searching for resources, while millions of students are struggling with anxiety, depression and a host of other health challenges that are compounded by the inadequate health education they receive in school.

In 2017, Reva assembled a team of designers, developers, and health education specialists to build a solution that would allow any teacher to deliver the right health lesson to the right student across the curriculum. Fueled by the knowledge that when students see themselves reflected in their lessons their outcomes improve, she launched Lessonbee, the first adaptive learning system to offer comprehensive, culturally responsive health education online.

Our goal is to democratize health and sex education. Today, Lessonbee makes comprehensive health and sex education possible for millions of students.

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