Lessonbee® makes it possible for every student to have access to comprehensive health and sex education online with interactive learning components compatible with a broad range of capabilities, relatable stories, and text-messaging and social media-like experiences that help students build health knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum is designed to engage learners and promote healthy lifestyles and decision-making. Guided by National Health Education Standards and fully aligned to New York State Education Department (NYSED) health and sex education standards, Lessonbee can be used to as part of daily health instruction to meet health education requirements.

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Why is Health & Sex Education Important?

Healthcare has been the most contentious domestic policy issue in the last 10 years and yet there has been little space or attention paid to the young adults who are most likely to affect the direction of healthcare in the next 25 years.

According to a 2014 report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fewer than half of high schools and only a fifth of middle schools teach lessons on all 16 of the nationally recommended topics for sexual health education.

The National Center for Education Statistics says for each grade from K-8, only 50 percent of all schools have district or state requirements for students to receive nutrition education. Only 40 percent have these requirements for ninth and tenth grades.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

Our learning design approach emphasizes understanding common student misconceptions. Development of student personas informs us of what areas of engagement are most important to students, how they see and value themselves as it relates to health education content, and what lifetime goals they have for the future. With this level of detail we design culturally responsive adaptive lessons.

Lessonbee offers three levels of adaptivity. Adaptive feedback is tailored to the learner at the specific moment in their lesson based on how they just interacted with a screen or series of screens. Adaptive pathways are the sequence of activities or content within a particular lesson that change based on individual student performance. And adaptive classes provide teachers the ability to assign different lessons to different students within the same class.

How does it work?

Our lessons are accessed directly via the Lessonbee platform. Lessonbee classes are marked with a blue Lessonbee label. Once a school administrator has added students to the platform, a teacher may then add students to the Lessonbee class and assign lessons to students. Teachers can also create their own classes where they can create lessons, add Lessonbee lessons, and incorporate other assignments, including reflections that use video, threaded conversation, ratings, and feedback. Tasks, homework and quizzes may also be assigned in teacher-created classes.

Pilot Details

Lessonbee offers a paid pilot that may last one school semester. Paid pilots allow schools the opportunity to try our solution for a limited amount of time at a reduced price in exchange for regular use and feedback. Schools that wish to engage in a pilot must express mutual commitment to the following goals:

Section A – Expectations for Participants

School participants are expected to complete the targeted part of the curriculum during regular instructional time (i.e. the time usually designated for Health Education).

A.1 - Duration: Participant will collaborate with Lessonbee to establish a feasible timeline for implementation of the Health Education curriculum.

A.2 - Number of users: Participant will establish the number of students, teachers and administrators (users) who will engage with Health Education curriculum provided by Lessonbee.

A.3 - Professional Development Support: Participant will allow educators who are facilitating the Health Education curriculum to attend targeted professional development sessions as provided by Lessonbee.

Section B – Communication

Participant will have a designated contact person who is responsible for establishing communication between the school and Lessonbee. Communication can be for purposes of obtaining technical support with the curriculum, and general inquiries regarding implementation of the curriculum.

Section C – Release Schedule

School participants will have access to the full online Health and Sex Education curriculum. Participants understand that the new Health & Sex Education lessons are generally released every month but ultimately subject to Lessonbee’s production schedule.

Section D – Confidentiality

Lessonbee will keep the identities of all students involved in the pilot confidential. Any data collected will also be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of the pilot.

Section E – Duration of Pilot

This pilot program will be administered for one school semester. Throughout the program, data from surveys and courseware interactions will be collected for analysis.

Section F – Option to Opt Out

Participating schools may withdraw their participation in this pilot within 4 weeks from the initiation date. School participant will send a written request to Lessonbee informing them of the change. Schools will not be reimbursed any costs for choosing to leave the pilot prior to the agreed upon duration and may retain access to any lessons provided prior to withdrawal for the same duration but will not be included in additional lesson releases if using web links or a separate LMS, and will not receive further professional development support.

To join the pilot, sign up as a School Administrator and select “Yes” when asked if you wish to participate in the Health Education Pilot. To register for the pilot by phone call (646) 582-2040.