• Full Content Library Access
  • Ready-Made Health Classes
  • Assignment Management Tools
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools


  • Full Content Library Access
  • Ready-Made Health Classes
  • Curriculum and PD Creation Tools
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Teacher and Student Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Content Library has health lessons, educational videos, teaching guides, and other resources for every health topic and grade level. The items in the Content Library may be free or purchasable. Every teacher in Lessonbee has the ability to share and access content shared by Lessonbee health education specialists, other teachers and educational publishers on our platform.
For us, providing culturally responsive health education means we invest in ongoing persona development to ensure our lessons include student’s cultural references and celebrates diversity in all aspects; we reflect the values of social justice in everything we do; we are relentless in our mission to help students feel confident, connected and worthy of health and success; and we provide equitable access to comprehensive and medically accurate health education for all students.
Lessonbee is research-based and evidence-informed. We used the New York State Education Department’s scientific research-based skill methodology and National Health Education Standards (NHES) to guide our curriculum. Our emphasis on reflective learning is informed by evidence on the positive impact of reflective learning on student investment and school culture.
Our curriculum is based on the National Health Education Standards (NHES) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES), and New York State Education Department Standards including the NYSED Mental Health Framework. For more information regarding our alignment with the health education standards in your state, email
Yes. Lessonbee can be used to support teaching and learning for any subject and is ideally implemented as a tool to operationalize reflective learning and restorative justice in classes across the curriculum.
Yes. We're the "healthy learning" management system. We support adding content in SCORM, xAPI, Smart Sparrow LTI, AICC, cmi5, YouTube and video formats, provide a centralized administration role, and offer a host of reports to track student grades, scores and progress. We can be your LMS, or we can play nice with an existing LMS. Contact us to discuss integration options.
The simple answer is that Lessonbee classes are created by Lessonbee and include lessons only, and Private and Organization classes are “do-it-yourself” classes that you (as a teacher) create within Lessonbee using Lessonbee content, your own content, content shared by other teachers in your organization, or a mix of these. Tasks, homework, quizzes and reflections can be assigned within Private and Organization classes only. Private classes allow teachers to create classes without having a school administrator account, or classes that are not managed by or visible to a school administrator. Private class students are separate from Lessonbee and Organization students. Lessonbee classes are created by Lessonbee, but teachers can select which students are assigned to Lessonbee classes, and which lessons are assigned to which students within those classes. Internally, we refer to Lessonbee classes as “default classes” and this includes both default student classes and default teacher classes, the latter being Lessonbee PD.
The options for procuring a school or district license include corporate sponsorship, grant funding, collecting donations via Donors Choose, or paying out of pocket. To get started, sign up using the School or District option. A member of our team will contact you to explore the most relevant funding options to get you up and running quickly.
We provide class setup, student importing, assignment management, lesson creation, video production, instructional design, elearning development and more. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs. Services are charged on an hourly basis and rates vary depending on the project. Visit the Lessonbee Studio page for more details.

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