An Impact Accelerator For Startups Just North Of The Big Apple
Jun 30, 2019

Mt. Vernon, NY-based Lessonbee, which aims to transform health education with a new platform of health and sex education materials. According to founder Reva McPollom, her goal of building better health education will have a profound impact on schools.

Accel7 Helps Grow Westchester and Hudson Valley Startups Into Forces for Change
Jun 18, 2019

Lessonbee, is focused on building a platform to help with sex and health education in the public schools in the region. New York State says every public school now needs to offer sex and health education for every single student. Teachers need something like Lessonbee to facilitate this in the classroom when they’re not trained on this across the board.

LessonBee, TusDatos and Explorest join TheVentureCity Growth Program
Feb 03, 2020

LessonBee is an edtech company from the USA that’s reinventing the health class experience with culture-responsive adaptive digital curriculum delivered via a cloud-based reflective learning system. “We recognize that healthy students behave better and perform better academically, and that when students see themselves reflected in their lessons, their outcomes improve” says founder and CEO, Reva McPollom. “We deliver culturally responsive health and sex education for every student. We’re the first edtech company to apply these insights to a scalable learning solution that works for teachers, parents, schools and districts.